Community letter on ONS controversy: Councilman Jeff Ritterman

Editor’s Note: The following is a letter submitted to by Councilman Jeff Ritterman. As a cooperative news organization and forum for community discourse, we welcome op-ed pieces and other reports and photos from residents, readers and public officials. The sentiments contained in this letter are solely those of the author. _________ Dear DeVone Boggan,…

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Richmond 2011: The year in review

rhonda harris richmond

2011 was quite a year, to borrow a favorite phrase from longtime resident Sims Thompson, in “our fair city.” I know that’s vague, but it’s tough to turn a pithy phrase that sums up a year in a vibrant, bustling and changing city. We had tragedy and triumph, tumult and harmony. Alliances and rivalries. Echoes of the past and glimmers from the future.

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Public safety leaders seek peace – among themselves

chris magnus, corky booze, ons

City Manager Bill Lindsay said late Wednesday he’ll order an investigation into who leaked information to the press and a councilmember about a non-criminal Sheriff’s stop involving an Office of Neighborhood Safety staff member. The move is aimed in part at easing the concerns of ONS staff, who have complained publicly and privately about what…

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