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Happy Halloween: Tips for a fun and safe holiday

For kids, it’s a night of candy and fun; for parents, a night with plenty of worry. But Richmond Confidential has a few tricks to make sure your Halloween is a treat.

For families who choose not to allow younger children out after dark to trick-or-treat or for those simply looking for a new way to celebrate, there are a variety of alternative events throughout the weekend.

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Community meets in wake of playground accident

“I jumped off like this,” five-year-old Jamonte shouted, bounding off the slide where just a week ago he nearly strangled and died. The Barrett Terrace Apartment community gathered with firemen, police and building security officers Wednesday to talk about Jamonte’s accident and learn about playground safety. A week earlier, Jamonte was playing on the apartment…

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Richmond speaks on rape

The rape at Richmond High School has generated a community-wide disscussion about values, actions, and the response to violence. We went on the streets of Richmond to ask one question: What can the community learn from the incident last week?

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