RYSE Commons: building on dreams of Richmond youth

September 2019 marks a new beginning for the RYSE Center. One of Richmond’s most prominent youth organizations, the center recently broke ground on construction for its new, 37,000 square foot building, known as RYSE Commons. RYSE first opened in 2008. Conceived as a sanctuary from urban violence, it is a place where youth can work,…

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Youth film festival in Richmond highlights new voices

This is the first film festival for RYSE, and the inaugural theme was “Truth Be Told Justice Through My Eyes.” The festival was organized by Richmond’s RYSE youth center and is geared toward youth between the ages of 13 and 24 who are interested in social justice issues.

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Creating a stronger community through bicycling

Najari Smith and Geovanni Levy work together at the Rich City Rides bike shop to properly measure and adjust a bike seat. (Photo by Brittany Kirstin)

When you walk into Rich City Rides you’re immediately met with the sweet smell of bicycle oil and the satisfying click-click-click of shifting gears. Najari Smith, the owner and founder of the nonprofit group that owns the shop, is working in the back along with mechanics Taye Roshni McGee and Rafael Fernandez.

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The teens behind the Uche Uwahemu campaign

Uwahemu youth campaign

Uche Uwahemu, a newcomer to Richmond politics, has built a grassroots campaign that relies on youth campaign workers and small donations from friends and fellow Nigerian émigrés to counter the name recognition of Tom Butt and Nat Bates.

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