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Richmond rallies against gun violence with the “March for Our Lives”

Hundreds of thousands of marchers rallied across the United States on Saturday to protest gun violence. More than 800 events were planned, one of them in Richmond initiated by the mayor’s office. Some 400 people were expected to come—but in the end, almost 1,000 joined the “March for our Lives,” estimated Mayor Tom Butt, showing the community’s urgency for actions against gun violence.

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Richmond’s first Ceasefire “call-in” to debut soon

“We’re trying to hit the community where we’re hemorrhaging the most, and that’s these young men,” said Pastor Henry Washington at a planning session last week. Washington is a core member of Ceasefire/Lifelines to Healing—a renowned violence prevention program set to launch in Richmond later this week.

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Ceasefire/Lifelines seeks volunteers

Richmond residents began stepping forward Thursday night at the Nevin Community Center as part of a new initiative to prevent gun violence. One of them was the Rev. Eugene Jackson of Grace Bible Fellowship of Antioch, who said in his more than 15 years as a pastor, he has conducted funeral services for 15-20 young…

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