Agents of Change: Scenes of a city in motion

Andromeda Brooks (top left), Jonny Perez (top right), Menbere Aklilu (bottom left), and Najari Smith (bottom right) are four of Richmonds "Agents of Change" working to improve Richmond's community. (Photo by Brittany Kirstin)

Old opinions about Richmond often seem set in stone, but at least some of the worst may be on the way out.

That’s what we tried to document in “Agents of Change,” a series of photographs and feature stories by Richmond Confidential’s Brittany Kirstin, a photojournalism student at the University of California at Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.

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Where Richmond homicides happen

There have been 12 homicides in Richmond thus far this year, not including a fatal shooting by a Richmond police officer that is still under investigation. In aggregate, that number is a promising statistic consistent with the decline in Richmond’s overall violent crime and the lowest homicide rate the city has seen in decades. But…

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Where is this in Richmond? Challenge 1

Richmond Confidential is introducing a new guessing game. The eight images above have been carefully shot, giving you just enough information to try to guess where and what this is. The only thing you can count on is that this place is in Richmond.

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