Police investigating marijuana find at Richmond officer’s home

Just before Thanksgiving last year, a UPS Store employee turned over a box containing about 5 lbs. of marijuana to Richmond police officer Joe Avila. But the marijuana he carried from the shop that afternoon was never booked into evidence at the precinct. According to a search warrant issued by the Contra Costa Superior Court in September, the drugs didn’t make it to the Richmond Police Department’s property vault, but ended up at Avila’s home in Oakley, 44 miles away.

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Friends, family remember Officer Brad Moody

The memorial to Bradley Moody

Four years after the on-duty crash that ended his life, Richmond Police Officer Bradley Moody lives on in his closest family members, in friends who honor his life with tattoos, memorials, and keepsakes, in complete strangers who were given a second chance on life with his organs, in the people he worked with both in…

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An inside look at the Richmond Police K9 Unit

His toenails clack on the tiled floors as he darts from door to door. He takes an audible sniff under each crack and the sound reverberates down the dark hallway. At one of the last doors in the hall, he stops in his tracks, hair bristling. He’s found what he’s looking for. The dog takes…

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