Black smoke from Chevron Refinery not a risk, officials say

Chevron smokestacks in the distance with the city and highway in the foreground.

A dark cloud of smoke rose from Chevron’s Richmond Refinery Thursday morning, alarming some nearby residents, but oil company officials said the smoke resulted from routine maintenance and poses no health risks to the community. Melissa Ritchie, a Chevron spokeswoman, said the occasional flaring is a “normal and important part to keeping the refinery running safely.”…

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Chevron fire investigators: Overhaul needed to prevent future incidents

Despite all the eyes on the Richmond Chevron refinery before last August’s fire, the plant’s corroded crude pipe still went unnoticed, federal and state officials said Friday. Federal and state investigators have determined Chevron disregarded its own safety policies and knowingly failed to replace the corroded pipe that ultimately burst, leading to the leaking gas…

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