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Vacant, Neglected, Destructive: How Richmond’s abandoned homes became fire hazards

After sitting vacant and neglected for almost a decade, 662 Fourth St., a home in the Iron Triangle, burst into flames. The blaze, which neighbors say was started by trespassers, lead to the destruction of three homes. According to public records and interviews with city officials, Richmond doesn’t have the budget or staffing to fully mitigate the risks posed by vacant homes.

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District seeks to close achievement gap

During the Board of Education meeting last Tuesday night, one of the primary concerns among administrators was the results from elementary schools on closing the achievement gap. “This year we plan to focus on the language arts skills and writing comprehension,” said Mimi Melodia, Principal of Lincoln Elementary. Lincoln Elementary was one of six schools…

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Lincoln Elementary suprised by Chevron

A first grade class at Lincoln Elementary received new supplies Thursday morning thanks to Chevron and an online education charity.

The class’ teacher, Kaitlin Schiff, submitted a proposal requesting books, math games and other classroom materials.

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Richmond organizations whip up bicycle fever with two-day event

Richmond’s Lincoln Elementary School playground and parking lot were turned into a Bike Fiesta Saturday, with scores of neighborhood bike riders and dozens of bicycling enthusiasts from throughout the city coming out to celebrate cycling. It was mild mayhem as bike-riding youngsters careened, sometimes on wobbly wheels, around the school grounds dodging bystanders and each other.

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