Alex Nieves

Map: Where to vote on Tuesday

Election day is quickly approaching — use this interactive map to help you locate your nearest polling place in Richmond.

Judge rules on Point Molate development; housing to be built, but no casino

After almost eight years of grinding litigation that has brought proposals to develop Richmond’s controversial Point Molate area to a halt, the city and the developer who sued it over a plan to build a casino have finally reached a settlement. This means 13 years of political fighting since Richmond officially acquired the 270-acre parcel…

Sustainable design competition seeks to abate Bay Area climate disasters

The Home Team, a collaboration of design firms and community organizations, is working on a proposal to reduce the risk of rising sea levels in Richmond. The project is part of the Resilient by Design challenge, a 10-team competition to create the best model for addressing climate disasters in the Bay Area.

Easter Hill United Methodist Church in Richmond

The sidewalk in front of Easter Hill United Methodist Church in Richmond was all but empty on Monday at 11 am. A cyclist slowly meandered by on Cutting Boulevard, the clinking of his bike chain breaking up the white noise created by a constant stream of passing cars. The doors of the church were locked,…

Vacant, Neglected, Destructive: How Richmond’s abandoned homes became fire hazards

After sitting vacant and neglected for almost a decade, 662 Fourth St., a home in the Iron Triangle, burst into flames. The blaze, which neighbors say was started by trespassers, lead to the destruction of three homes. According to public records and interviews with city officials, Richmond doesn’t have the budget or staffing to fully mitigate the risks posed by vacant homes.