Oilers play tall, defeat speedy Eagles by 14

high school basketball

On Friday, the Richmond Oilers boys’ basketball team defeated their cross-town rival, the Kennedy Eagles, 58-44. The game was held at Richmond High and was the Oilers third victory of their last five games. The contest was thoroughly guarded by law enforcement officers, both in and out of uniform. Prior to entering the gymnasium fans…

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Richmond Oilers cap off season

Senior Jorge Diaz

Joining the Richmond football team changed Cesar Munoz’s life. Before football, Munoz says, he was gang affiliated and “was in deep stuff.” But at the end of this summer, he decided to play football for the first time. The junior lineman made it through the entire season, with the positive encouragement of his coaches and…

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For senior Diaz, one last night on the field

Jorge Diaz was the last of the Richmond Oilers to step onto the football field Friday night, for what would be the last time he’d ever make that walk as a player. To no one in particular Diaz belted out his favorite phrase: “They might not like it, they might not love it, but they’re…

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A concussion shortchanges the Oilers, but they still fight

The concussion left these inner-city high school football players in tears. There were curses, there was silence, there was rallying and hope, there was a bit of envy over the flashier jerseys of the opposing team. The Richmond Oilers — a short-manned team that could hardly afford to lose a player — was huddled, in anger…

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