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The curious case of Nat Bates

Councilman Nat Bates is enjoying arguably more public attention by remaining coy about his political future than he would reap from an outright announcement. Will Bates challenge his political bete noire, incumbent Mayor Gayle McLaughlin, in this year’s November election? Maybe. Maybe not.

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Chevron, city, strike deal

In a move that could impact the city’s highly-anticipated campaign season, Chevron Corp. and city leaders on Tuesday brokered a tax deal that markedly eases tensions between the energy giant and the city.

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City leaders urge against Chevron tax measure

Dueling visions for the city’s future could be heading for a day of reckoning with city voters in November. A Chevron Corp-backed measure to slash utility taxes for residents has paid hands fanning throughout the city on a mission to collect 4,000 signatures.

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