People of Richmond: Are you getting the new COVID vaccine?

A man in black T-shirt and black jeans and sneakers sits with his back to yellow cinderblock wall.

“People of Richmond” is a regular series in which reporters pose a question to people in the community. Answers are presented verbatim, though sometimes edited for brevity. Q: Will you get the new COVID-19 booster when it becomes available? “I don’t think I’m going to take it because I don’t need it. In the place…

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Omicron boosters now available to everyone in Contra Costa County

Omicron vaccine

Contra Costa Health Services is now offering the new omicron booster shots in Richmond. “This Omicron booster will offer vaccinated people renewed protection against new variants such as BA.5, which is now dominant, before fall and winter,” said Will Harper, a Health Services spokesperson. The World Health Organization’s initial reports on omicron have found it…

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