RPD sting brings in prostitutes off 23rd street

Officer Amit Nath and Officer Gary Lewis of the Richmond Police Department stand in wait near their squad cars in a nearly empty parking lot on the corner of Barrett and 25th Street. It’s around 8 p.m. on a Wednesday evening, and the street lights are on, but they’re so dull they barely cast shadows of Nath as he walks away from the open door of his Crown Victoria, to better hear the radio feed through his ear piece. Lewis…

Cafeterias digest lunch regulations

In Richmond, a city in which 51 percent of students in grades 5, 7 and 9 were obese or overweight in 2010 and where two-thirds of students are from families near and below the national poverty line, how to feed the children, what to feed the children — and if the children choose to eat what they’re fed — has created a world of dietary perplexity.

Ready To Play

Due to a surge in player turnout this season, Richmond High School’s football program has fielded its first junior varsity team in two years.

The Flotsam Flotilla in 15 photos

Before the frenzy of volunteers descended on Shimada Friendship Park for the 28th annual Coastal Cleanup Day, a dozen volunteers arose early Saturday morning for a special task.   This “chosen few” — as one project organizer jokingly called them — made up this year’s Flotsam Flotilla, a small cluster of kayaks that set out to clean up a stretch of the Richmond Shoreline only accessible by boat. The Richmond-based Watershed Project, which organized the flotilla, borrowed boats from the REI…

Splish, splash—Point Molate beach will re-open

On Tuesday, the city council approved funding that it will re-open Point Molate beach—the city’s only public beach. The beach closed in 2004 due to budget cuts and then was slammed in 2007 by the Cosco Busan fuel spill. The public space has been under lock and key ever since. In anticipation of the beach’s re-opening, we thought it would be fun to see what the area looks like today.

Richmond: Voices and Images

From January through May of this year, reporter Alexis Kenyon wandered through the neighborhoods of Richmond taking photos and audio recordings of the people she met. She asked individuals to tell her anything about themselves or Richmond. These are the people she met and what they had to say.