New hope for Native Americans

Courtney Cummings follows in her mother’s footsteps to provide care for the mental and cultural well-being of Native Americans at the recently-opened Native Wellness Center in Richmond.

Richmond council votes to ban cigarettes at drug stores

The Richmond City Council took a cue from San Francisco and voted Tuesday to ban cigarette sales at pharmacies. The proposal is modeled after San Francisco’s landmark ordinance that made headlines and prompted lawsuits after the Board of Supervisors passed the same law last year.

Eco Village efforts ‘improve the world’

Chickens peck at tomatoes in backyard pens at the Eco Village Farm Learning Center in Richmond. A handful of goats, some sheep and one potbelly pig chow on hay in a nearby enclosure. Gardens planted around the property sprout vegetables, herbs and flowers. This 5.6-acre farm on Laurel Lane is where Shyaam Shabaka launched Eco Village after retiring from decades of Bay Area public health work. He now runs volunteer and training programs to teach people how to live healthier…