Richmond youth host second open mic night

Last week, RAW Talent hosted its second open mic night. Kids from across Richmond and the East Bay came out to share original poems and songs. Organizers hoped the event would be a safe place for kids to be creative and show off their talents.

For the Davis Chapel, a long search for a new home after 2003 fire

As they have every Sunday for the last 70 years, members of the Davis Chapel filed into church on a recent weekend and took their seats in the red-cushioned pews. The first sunlight of the day streamed in through the stained-glass windows and members of the choir took their positions behind the altar. Clapping their hands and stepping side-to-side in rhythm, the white-robed choir raised its voice in harmony and sang: “Oh to the blood of Jeee—sus. To the blood…

Bandwidth: Hip hop artist YSD makes waves in Richmond

Meet Young Shorty Doowop, or Y.S.D., one of Richmond’s rising stars — a female rapper and R&B artist who’s been writing her own songs since childhood. She performs around the Bay Area, dishing up beats from her first album, “I Love All My Fans: The Mixtape” and a new single, “Flexin’ on Em” (which comes with its own dance). She’s been featured on KMEL 106.1 FM, danced in music videos with Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent, and sells her “I…

Bandwidth: Pooka’s transformation

Since he was kid, Dvondre Woodards has gone by another name, Pooka. Given to him by his grandmother, the name stuck, be it with friends, family, and even teachers. It doesn’t have any meaning as far as 22-year-old Woodards knows. “It’s just unique. So I’m making my own definition of it,” he said.

Bandwidth: Aquí están Los Cenzontles

Meet Los Cenzontles, a Mexican folk band and musical academy based in San Pablo, California. To say that this group’s sound is eclectic would be an understatement. Their sound ranges from Tejano music to classic rock to re-imaginings of traditional Mexican musical genres such as the boleros, corridos, rancheras and the Son Jarocho.

Bandwidth: Getting soulful with Drop Apollo

In our latest installment of Bandwidth, we introduce you to Drop Apollo, a 5-piece indie rock band that been playing shows around the Bay Area for little more than a year. The band’s sound can be best described as a mixture of soul, R&B and modern rock.

Bandwidth: Welcome to the 21st Century

Meet The 21st Century, an eight-piece indie pop band, who released their first album “The City” earlier this month at The Red Devil Lounge in San Francisco. A fan-funded endeavor several years and $11,000 in the making, the album features catchy harmonies relating the challenges of youth, adulthood, dating and everyday hardship. Their sound is best described by their lead singer, Bevan Herbekian. “We sound like the love child of Bruce Springsteen and Brian Wilson, who then befriends Belle &…

Bandwidth: Alexa Weber-Morales wants to work for you

This Oakland singer/songwriter wants to work for you, so to speak. She’s also the focus of our latest Bandwidth, our continuing video series highlighting talented musicians in the East Bay. We bring you Alexa Weber-Morales as she debuts her latest album  “I Wanna Work For You,” a fan-funded endeavor consisting of 10 original songs which range from jazz to salsa and across multiple languages. To learn more at Alexa, click here. You can check out past issues of our new…