Thomas Kleinveld

A quiet night in Richmond: Riding along with the Richmond police

“It will be a great experience,” said my fellow reporter after he suggested I go on a ridealong with a Richmond police officer. “They’ll strap you in a bulletproof vest, take you for a spin at night, and you’ll see some crazy stuff.” For a visiting reporter from the Netherlands, this sounds promising.

Occupy Richmond protesters celebrate Earth Day, criticize Chevron

Around two hundred people gathered Friday at the Richmond BART for a rally in celebration of Earth Day. During the event, organized by Occupy Richmond, protestors carried signs, sang songs and chanted slogans against Chevron.

Over a hundred people debate general plan at city council meeting

An unusually large number of people attended Tuesday’s city council meeting in Richmond. Many carried banners or wore bright colored shirts with slogans like “Don’t kill our jobs,” which others changed in “Don’t kill our kids” later in the evening.

Japanese youth ambassadors tour Richmond

This week Richmond was visited by a group of youth ambassadors from Shimada, Japan. The Richmond-Shimada Friendship Commission (RSFC), which celebrates its fiftieth birthday later this year, hosts a group of about six Japanese students and a teacher twice a year. Every summer, a group from Richmond travels to Shimada to live there for a month.