Padmini Parthasarathy

‘What would it be like if you owned the business down the street?’: Richmond residents fight for more ownership over their careers

Najari Smith, Josue Hernandez, and Roshni “Tay” McGee have opened a worker-owned cooperative in Richmond called Rich City Rides. The bike repair shop opened in 2015, but the organization responsible for community rides and outdoor activities, has been around for five years. The goal is to have a space where people can come in and…

AROUND THE WAY: At Madni Halal Market

Madni Halal Market is one of the few Richmond shops that sells halal meat and other products. Watch to learn more about what halal means and how the store provides the Muslim community in Richmond with halal products that are hard to find.

Peacemakers mentor Rodney Brown Helps Struggling Richmond Kids Find Their Feet

Six children in blue collared shirts and khakis stand at the starting line of an asphalt track. Rodney Brown, the children’s mentor, paces the side, eyes and teeth glinting in the sun. Brown yells, “Ready. Set!” Three kids lunge forward. “No sir, no sir, back behind the line,” Brown says. The kids disqualify themselves about…

At Deja Vu Salon in Richmond, braiding allows women go ‘back to the basics’

Jazmine Wilson describes herself as a “hairstylist, but as a braider first.” Customers often sit in her chair for four or more hours. She has spent years perfecting her craft and sees it as something that brings women in the community together. To hear more about the art of braiding, check out Jazmine’s story on…

Hilltop Mall, Revisited: Developers Envision Nearly 10K New Housing Units – But Critics Worry Current Residents Could Be ‘Priced Out’

When Cesar Zepeda, president of Hilltop’s Neighborhood Council, met with investors and developers prior to LBG’s purchase, he emphasized the Hilltop community’s vision: a mixed-use development that incorporates affordable housing units. But while housing is needed all over the Bay Area, Zepeda said the new owners and the community need to be “realistic and understand what the Hilltop area is able to give.” It’s not 9,600 housing units, he said.