Ian Stewart

District banking on voter support for Measure D

West Contra Costa County voters have been highly supportive of school-related bond measures in the past. But could a down economy and lingering worries about leadership on the district school board prove enough to doom Measure D?

Mayoral race could put council in flux

It may be a far-flung theory at this point, but depending on how the mayor’s race shakes out, City Council could be left a man short. Who could be in line for a council appointment?

Council approves another Point Molate extension

City Council voted 4-2 Tuesday to grant a developer yet another extension to file an updated proposal for the controversial hotel and casino plan. The plan is now due July 20, but meanwhile, the issue is causing a schism in a city prioritizing between jobs, morality and the environment.

Lack of ethnic press speaks volumes in Richmond

Despite a population that’s almost two-thirds non-white, Richmond has very little in the way of an ethnic press. Media professionals and analysts discuss the ramifications of its absence in a town like Richmond.

Richmond High alum returns home in loss to Cal

HOMECOMING FOR EX-OILER: His team may have been outmatched Wednesday night, but Richmond High graduate Eli Holman had a strong individual showing in his return to the Bay Area, scoring 15 points for the University of Detroit in a 95-61 loss to Cal. Holman, a 6-foot-10 center, was a Scouts Inc. top-100 recruit in 2007 when he signed with the University of Indiana after his senior year at Richmond. But after seeing little playing time his first year, Holman transferred…

City offering businesses a free pass on late fees

The City of Richmond’s finance department is urging businesses who don’t have an up-to-date license to get one by offering an amnesty on late fees. The move could bring in as much as $300,000 in revenues at a time when the city is taking in less and less tax money.

Years later, chemical company lot still a toxic stew

The site of the former Stauffer Chemical Company has been closed more than 10 years, but it’s still a hot topic for people working around the shoreline, who want answers about why toxic waste there was simply buried beneath a concrete cap.

Nevin Park filling the bill, so far

It’s a sunny Labor Day afternoon at Nevin Park, and Hassan “Perkins” Muhammad is sitting at a picnic table, bouncing his young son on his lap. The rest of the family is busy tending the grill. It is, in many ways, a typical American barbecue. But at Nevin Park, leisurely family gatherings like this are quite novel. The park, which sits almost directly in the heart of Central Richmond, had for years been an ugly reminder of the decay and…

Salesian’s star guard has a big impact

Cal star running back Jahvid Best still casts a giant shadow at Salesian High, his alma mater. But as for shadows, Freddie Tagaloa nearly blots out the sun. The hulking Tagaloa has played all of five varsity football games for Salesian, but is already the school’s most ballyhooed prospect since Best, who won the state 100-meter dash before heading down Interstate 80 to suit up for the Golden Bears. When Tagaloa’s name is mentioned, Salesian head football coach Chad Nightingale’s…

Kennedy High cross-country team: On equal footing

It’s a good thing footraces aren’t won or lost based on looks. Judging by looks alone, Kennedy High’s cross-country team wouldn’t stand a chance. They toed the starting line at a recent meet in baggy white T-shirts and mismatched basketball shorts. Their shoes run the gamut from worn-out Air Jordans to low-cut soccer trainers. But they’re allowed to race, because in the end, if you can out-run the next man in flip-flops, you win. The starting gun goes off, and…

On team of beginners, Oilers’ old hand stands out

The walls on two sides of Richmond High’s gym are plastered in pennants. Some go back to the 1940s. Mostly, they celebrate league champions in football, basketball and baseball. Track, golf, and swimming teams have left their marks on these walls. The 1993 badminton team – second place in the state – even has its own little share of the wall. There’s not one volleyball banner, though. For the most part, Richmond High’s volleyball teams have traditionally struggled. Even at…