Christina Lopez

Richmond residents react to Osama bin Laden’s death

For nearly ten years since the tragic attacks of 9/11 occurred, White House officials have worked with CIA members and the military to capture or kill Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden. On Sunday night, President Barack Obama announced that bin Laden had been killed in a raid on his compound in Abbottabad, Pakisatan.

Planting seeds of change

Community members from the Coronado, Iron Triangle, and Santa Fe neighborhoods in Richmond came together on César Chávez’ 84th birthday to honor the farm labor leader by planting vegetables, trees, and other vegetation in local schools and neighborhoods. The first annual César Chávez’ Community Garden Day brought nearly 100 people out of their homes and into a garden at Richmond College Prep Charter School, sparking a true grassroots movement.

Renovated Nevin Community Center rejuvenates Iron Triangle neighborhood

For the past five months, the city of Richmond, along with a slew of partners, has worked to renovate Nevin Community Center. On Saturday, the community space will hold it’s grand reopening with activities, educational information, and food. For the people in the surrounding community, changes from inside the center are already being reflected within the Iron Triangle neighborhood.

Creating a community of learners

Since 2005, the Elders Learning Community has paired professionals in the community with elderly seniors learning lessons in areas such as astronomy, history, art. But time spent in these learning partnerships is teaching local volunteers other life lessons outside of these subjects.

Richmond High student Guadalupe Morales is Ivy League bound

17-year-old Guadalupe Morales knows what people think when they hear the words “Richmond High School.” They think of poverty, crime, low-test scores and a horrific gang rape that continues to blemish the school’s image one year later. But despite what people think, and despite disconcerting statistics about the number of Latinas who graduate high school and college into professional careers, Morales is determined to make a life for herself after Richmond High School.

This weekend in Richmond

Each weekend, Richmond Confidential will highlight activities and events happening in Richmond or the surrounding areas. Below is a list of activities for the weekend of January 21-23. Got an event we didn’t know about? Please add it in the comments!