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Andrew Beale

Richmond residents commemorate anniversary of Japanese American incarceration order

Executive Order 9066, which cleared the way for the incarceration (or “internment”) of Japanese Americans during World War II, may have been signed 75 years ago, but Flora Ninomiya sees eerie parallels with the modern world. “It’s important for you to understand that we have a president today who is issuing executive orders against Muslims, against immigrants,” Ninomiya told an audience assembled in Richmond to commemorate the anniversary. Three speakers, all children when 9066 was signed, recounted their experiences for…

Richmond community members oppose post office sale

The United States Postal Service says the post office at 1025 Nevin Avenue in downtown Richmond is in “excess and no longer necessary.” Kimberley Savoy-Jackson, wearing a leg brace as she walks up the post office’s steps on a rainy afternoon, disagrees. “You see people coming in all the time,” she said. “I wouldn’t say ‘crowded,’ but it’s flowing, yeah.” On January 25, the United States Postal Service (USPS) put up a notice on the door announcing its intent to…

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