Alicia Medina

East Bay women build a net of support to help cope with the fear of deportation

Every morning in front of Melrose Leadership Academy, the same choreography is repeated: the uproar of the children arriving at the school displaces squirrels and birds to the cherry and palm trees that adorn the sidewalk. At this public school, in the sanctuary city of Oakland, people exchange greetings in Spanish. The first poster near…

St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church in Oakland

The soundtrack of Telegraph Avenue at 29th Street is composed of the roar of cars, trucks and the number 6 and 800 buses. There aren’t many passersby on this summery morning. A white car blaring hip hop music stops at the intersection, breaking the monotony of the traffic sounds. The driver stares to his left…

Legal observer trainings teach what to do if ICE knocks at your door

With President Trump recently ramping up restrictions on immigration, Stand Together Contra Costa, an effort by local organizations and agencies to assist people who may be deported, is training legal observers in how to deal with ICE raids.