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Tiana McGuire, left, a body-piercer by day plays in the Richmond Wrecking Belles roller derby team as "Demanda Riot." Photo by Robin Simmonds.

Roller derby body piercer finds work-life balance on the track

Tiana McGuire’s work-life balancing act teeters between extremes. By day, McGuire is a professional body-piercer at a tattoo parlor in Concord. By night, she becomes “Demanda Riot,” a menacing member of the Richmond Wrecking Belles...
Bay Area Derby Girls  kicked off their Season Opener on March 14, 2015. Photo by Nicole West

Balancing life as a roller derby girl

Huck Sinn’s life was falling apart, including her relationships. After she stopped going to grad school, she moved from San Francisco to the East Bay, where she started “dating herself.” “I was taking myself out....
Demanda Riot, with face paint, of the Richmond Wrecking Belles, gives a high-five to a Berkeley Resistance skater Saturday night after the game. Richmond went on to win the game 144-78. (Photo by Tyler Orsburn)

Richmond, San Francisco skate circles around Berkeley and Oakland

Bay Area residents got a taste of roller derby madness Saturday night as the B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls teams laced 'em up for the league's Double Header Coastal Clash at the Craneway Pavilion in Richmond.

Belles of the Bay (Watch)

Byron Wilkes gives a glimpse inside the world of Bay Area roller derby and the Richmond Wrecking Belles.
Wrecking Belles jammer speeds around the track. "A lot of people are drawn to the sport because of the mystery around it," said Chantilly Mace. "But it takes an incredible amount of physical strength and athleticism.” (photo by Anne Brice)

Wrecking Belles: Rolling through Richmond one jam at a time

Zigs and zags, blocks and bashes abound, last Saturday night the Richmond Wrecking Belles battled the San Francisco ShEvil Dead in the season closer.