Kerri Connolly


A natural history filmmaker and science journalist, Kerri Connolly first developed her love of wild places as a young girl in New England the American West. A graduate of Cornell University, Kerri has been working in film and television since earning her B.S. in 2006. Among the myriad of bad reality programs she has worked on, Kerri has spent months on the road with Discovery Channel on the crew of "Storm Chasers". In 2009, Kerri helped produce People of the Seal, an award-winning film released by 42 Degrees North Films. She has also worked on "Solving the Dinosaur Code" for National Geographic Channel, as well as "Tropical Science Investigations" for Smithsonian Channel. When not watching tv or movies, Kerri is an avid runner, rock climber, and science fiction geek. She has lived in London, Rome, New York, and Sydney.

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