Maggie Beidelman

Maggie Beidelman is a business reporter for Richmond Confidential. She has extensive experience in daily news as a writer for and in feature writing for the alternative weekly The San Francisco Bay Guardian. A graduate of Santa Clara University ('09), Maggie has worked at leading publications in both Orange County and the Bay Area of California, including OC Metro Magazine, San Mateo Daily Journal and The San Francisco Bay Guardian. Maggie spent the 2009-2010 school year teaching English in Lyon, France, where she studied French, wine tasting and the art of travel while freelancing for publications back home. As a journalist, Maggie has two main goals: 1. to foster a global community by localizing international issues, and 2. to use her power as a writer to give voice to underreported communities, telling the stories that so often go untold. Visit Maggie's website at

Stories by Maggie

The Lunch Special

Whether it's burgers and fries or crab cakes and cognac, Richmond has a restaurant for just about everyone. Maggie Beidelman takes you to three quintessential...