Infographic: Promotions within the Richmond Police Department

Click chart to see larger size. (By Spencer Whitney)

Sergeant Promotions by RaceLieutenant Promotions by Race and GenderLieutenant Promotions by RaceCaptain Promotions by Race and GenderCaptain Promotions by RaceCaptain Promotions by Race and GenderCaptain Promotion by Race

These graphs display data showing the gender and racial demographics of all the promotions made to the positions of deputy chief, captain, sergeant, and lieutenant positions under Chief of Police Chris Magnus in Richmond since January, 2006 through January, 2012. This information comes from the Richmond Police department personnel records and data.

Magnus is currently involved in a racial discrimination lawsuit filed against him, former Deputy Chief Lori Ritter, and the city of Richmond by seven high-ranking African American officers in the department who allege that Magnus and Ritter prevented the advancement of black officers and cracked racist jokes. The data was introduced in court in February by Magnus’ defense lawyer Arthur Hartinger to illustrate that Magnus has promoted more non-white officers to higher ranks than white officers, including promoting three black officers to captain and six black officers to sergeant.

Each graph details the number and percentage of people of each race and gender promoted for each position in the Richmond Police Department.


  1. Is there a figure to show the make up of the PD vs the promotion figure?

    My question would also be how many percent of these cops live in Richmond?

  2. ed

    The other questions are: What percentage of each group made up the force before Chief Magus was hired and what is it now?

    To make this more meaningful, we need to see a chart of the number of officers in each category in the police department before and after Chief Magnus was hired and a chart of the percentage of officers promoted from each category to compare to the percentage of promotions from each category as presented in the graph above.

    whole to whole, part to whole and part to part

  3. Don Gosney

    If we establish some sort of racial or gender quota for hiring or promotions, isn’t that just another form of discrimination? I thought we all fought long and hard for equality for all.

    Does this whole argument suggest that a woman thinks differently than a man? An Asian differently than a Hispanic?

    If so, then this whole concept of equality was a crop of BS and we should go back to the old days where we used race and gender as a hiring factor. Of course, if we did that we’d be right back where we are right now where employees of one race are suing us because reverse discrimination wasn’t employed in their own hiring/promotions.

    Do we really want “token” blacks or “token” females?

    For a city that prides itself on it’s diversity, this is one of the most segregated cities around. And the worst part about it is that many of those promoting this lack of diversity are proud of it.

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