Police discrimination trial

Richmond police department discrimination suit goes to the jury

Following three months of courtroom battles, and five years after seven high-ranking African American Richmond police officers first filed a discrimination lawsuit against the city, Police Chief Chris Magnus, and former Deputy Chief Lori Ritter, arguments have come to a close. All that’s left is for the jury to reach a verdict.

Defense begins closing arguments in Richmond police discrimination trial

Defense attorneys Arthur A. Hartinger and Geoffrey Spellberg, representing Richmond Police Chief Chris Magnus, began their closing arguments on Wednesday morning in the discrimination suit filed by seven police officers against the chief and the city. The courtroom was packed to capacity with observers, including the families of the plaintiffs as well as police officers and local council members.

Dueling economics in Richmond police discrimination suit

Just how much money have the seven African-American police commanders suing the city of Richmond lost due to alleged discrimination stalling their promotions? It depends on which economic expert you ask. Whose numbers the jury buys could heavily weigh the outcome the lawsuit against Police Chief Chris Magnus, former Deputy Chief Lori Ritter and the…

Retired cops, deputy chief, testify to divisions within Richmond police

Two retired white officers and the current second in command testified Wednesday that racial divisions have persisted in the Richmond Police Department for decades, but that Chief Chris Magnus didn’t favor any racial groups over any other. But the testimony of the three defense witnesses did further expose an environment of embittered, highly paid police…