Richmond Art Center features artists abroad and close to home

Artist Antonio Canet Hernandez entrusted a series of 95 block prints illustrating the Cuban Revolution to the Richmond Regla Friendship Committee in 2003. A decade later, they are finally all framed and on display at the Richmond Art Center. This is a detail from Print 84, which is captioned, "On January 8, 1959, the triumphant entry of the Commander-in-Chief and his victorious guerrillas took place in Havana - Armando Hart." (Photo by: Rachel Waldholz)

Striking block prints illustrating scenes from the Cuban Revolution, pastel canvases full of memories from a childhood in Philadelphia, and a medley of photographs, sculptures and paintings from black artists throughout the Bay Area – in its first exhibitions of the year, the Richmond Art Center covers a lot of ground but keeps the connections…

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