Richmond city council meeting discusses investigating the death of Richard “Pedie” Perez

City council members listen to public comments on whether or not to open a police commission investigation on the death of Pede Perez.

Talk about policing dominated the Richmond City Council meeting on Tuesday, as councilmembers and citizens discussed amending the Richmond Police Commission enabling ordinance, initiating a police commission investigation into the death of Richard “Pedie” Perez following a settlement between the city and Perez’ family earlier that day, and investigating all cases in which individuals are…

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Richmond leaders reflect on Cinco de Mayo beatings in 2002

The Cinco de Mayo celebration on the 23rd Street corridor has become one of Richmond’s grandest events But it wasn’t always that way. Ten years ago, the street and the holiday became synonymous with an incident that would become a turning point in the city’s history, ushering in a new generation of political leaders and…

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