Mountain lion sightings leave May Valley residents on edge

A yellow sign in the shape of a diamond shows a picture of a mountain lion and the words: CAUTION MOUNTAIN LIOON SIGHTING IN AREA

On a crisp afternoon in early September, Melanie Estrada was walking alone on her usual route in a quiet Richmond suburb, picking up kids from school to bring them to after school care at the May Valley Community Center. Suddenly, she heard a loud crunch.  Across the street, Estrada saw a mountain lion passing through…

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On Earth Day 2015, a look at the wild species that live in the East Bay regional parks

Bobcat. Photo source: “BOBCAT" by Valerie on Flickr, shared via Creative Commons

The California Grizzly bear has been immortalized on the state’s flag, but the four-leg symbol is not around California anymore—at least not since 1924, when the last specimen was spotted in Santa Barbara County. However, other creatures inhabit California’s land, water and sky. The East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) includes more than 100,000 acres, 65 parks…

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