A concussion shortchanges the Oilers, but they still fight

The concussion left these inner-city high school football players in tears. There were curses, there was silence, there was rallying and hope, there was a bit of envy over the flashier jerseys of the opposing team. The Richmond Oilers — a short-manned team that could hardly afford to lose a player — was huddled, in anger…

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Oilers suffer another defeat

The game between Richmond and El Cerrito on Thursday evening was decided much before the final whistle. It was an exercise in waiting for the final score and for the Richmond High fans, the score was dismal: El Cerrito 58, Richmond 6. On the sidelines during the game, the Oilers had six players to the…

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Richmond players persevere, but Hercules takes the win

Football players lining up

The Richmond Oilers took one on the chin Friday night, when the Hercules Titans consistently ran the ball, scoring early and often in a game the Titans took 50 to 14. Both teams scored running touchdowns in the first quarter, and the score was even until Hercules snagged its second touchdown in the second quarter.…

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