City Council presses Chevron to use recommended material for pipes

Mayor Gayle McLaughlin sits at the council dais.

The City Council passed a resolution Tuesday night urging Chevron to use the best technology available when it rebuilds its damaged oil refinery. The meeting came a day after a Bay Area Air Quality Management District meeting at which a Chevron representative said that the crude unit would not be restarted until the “findings and…

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Ivy League Connection gives local youth an academic edge

Ivy League schools are known worldwide for their prestige, academic rigor and exclusive admissions. The Ivy League Connection funds trips to Ivy League summer enrichment programs to create that college-going academic culture in Richmond. Last Thursday, the ILC hosted a private dinner with Elizabeth Hart, the director of minority outreach at Brown University. “If we’re…

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Richmond City Council reaches consensus on development, environmental issues

richmond city council

In a long meeting Tuesday night during which Richmond’s City Council noticeably voted in lock step, the council took on a number of issues including the rights of corporations in a democracy, whether or not to allow chain restaurants in Point Richmond, Chevron’s once-rejected Renewal Project and the purchase of new air quality meters to be deployed near the Point Richmond wastewater treatment plant.

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