Halloween comes early for Richmonders, dogs at Point Isabel

Richmond’s “Barktoberfest” last weekend at Point Isabel Regional Shoreline offered the area’s canine population the same chance to celebrate.

Barktoberfest’s October 26 costume parade was accompanied by competitions for categories such as the best small, medium, and large dog costumes. This year, about 50 dogs trod along the waterfront and showed off their attire with their tails wagging cheerfully. Some dressed in rainbow costumes while other dogs and owners wore matching superhero attire.

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Milo Foundation fundraising for kennel repairs

Since opening its doors as a no-kill rescue over two decades ago, the Milo Foundation has helped place over 8,000 animals into their forever homes. But after all those years of temporarily housing animals, the non-profit’s kennels are beginning to show some serious wear and tear. On top of that, founder and director Lynne Tingle…

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See Ruger bite, Richmond’s canine cops in action

Ronin pounced first, snapping his powerful canine jaws into Officer Mike Brown. Ruger came next, leaping into Brown, knocking the man down with a single strike. The crowd of mostly parents and children was riveted. Brown, a Richmond police officer, was okay, thanks to his training and protective suit. The fierce demonstration came thanks to…

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