Thousands flock to Richmond boat show

Power boats on display at the Pacific Sail and Power Boat Show.

Last weekend, Richmond hosted the Pacific Sail and Power Boat Show for the second time. This celebration of all things seaworthy was held at the Craneway Pavilion and Marina Bay Yacht Harbor, housing over 400 exhibits, seminars and activities. After attracting thousands of guests from the San Fransisco Bay Area and beyond, the boat show will likely…

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Hull diver makes a living cleaning boats

Streaming water, Jack Johnson hauled himself up on the dock and spat out his regulator. He pulled off his mask and sat panting, fins in the water, his face pooched out under his camo neoprene hood. “Can’t do that on the vegetarian diet,” he said, wiping at the water dripping from his forehead. He’d just…

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