City Council

Council to discuss filling Richmond’s vacant seat

A council seat opened up when former Councilmember Tom Butt was sworn in as mayor earlier this year. By last Tuesday, 18 applicants had submitted statements to fill the vacancy. The council now must appoint one of them, and they may do so as soon as Tuesday night. Richmond Confidential asked all the councilmembers, including Mayor Butt, to share their thoughts by email on the large number of candidates who applied, what criteria they would use to make the appointment,…

Booze settles with city over alleged junkyard

Outgoing Richmond City Councilman Courtland “Corky” Booze has reached a settlement to resolve a lawsuit brought against him by the city for failure to clean up a property he has maintained for several decades, and which the city considers a junkyard.

Will Chevron’s $3 Million Bid for Richmond Succeed?

As voters head to the polls, the nation’s eyes will be on Richmond as the city decides the future of its leadership. Not only are Richmonders electing a new mayor and new city council members, but they’re also passing judgement on the effects of unlimited political spending.