Sean Greene

Armed man critically injured in officer-involved shooting

A man was hospitalized and is currently in stable condition after being shot by Richmond police officers on Monday night. Police responded to a ShotSpotter activation and 911 calls reporting a man with a gun at B Street and Nevin Avenue near the St. John’s Apartments just after 5 pm, said Richmond Police Lt. Bisa French. The victim was identified Tuesday as Elston Young, a 30-year-old African American man. French said he is in stable condition, but would not say…

Young poets to stage Richmond-set ‘Romeo and Juliet’

Richmond Artists With Talent will perform Saturday a one-night-only urbanized version of Romeo and Juliet, swapping William Shakespeare’s iambic pentameter verse for street slang and slam poetry in a familiar tale of two star-crossed lovers — this time from the wrong sides of the tracks. Te’s Harmony, written by Donte Clark of RAW Talent, presents a gritty, albeit artistic, view of Richmond, a city divided by a North-versus-Central gang turf war through the eyes of Te (Clark) and Harmony (D’neise…

Wading with the oyster catchers

Point Pinole is perfectly silent except for the squawks of birds flying overhead and the occasional cringe-inducing crunch under foot. The low tide exposes a muddy stretch of shoreline, the rocks red and Martian-like under the setting sun. Despite its fleeting resemblance to the Red Planet, the question here isn’t whether there’s life, but whether there could be more. There’s plenty of living things at Point Pinole – just look closely at the rocks at low tide or turn over…

Rich-Con Cooks 2012

Two years ago we began sharing the secret ingredients to the dishes that have made our lives yummy. This year we bring you our best. From drinks to dessert, we present a modest menu that will compliment any table. Happy Holidays, Richmond!

County votes with state on most Props, differs on death penalty

Contra Costa voters generally sided with the rest of California Tuesday night, voting in favor of successful measures to harshen penalties against human traffickers and soften the Three Strikes law, while rejecting a genetically engineered food labeling bill and a proposition that would limit campaign contributions from unions and corporations.

Election 2012: Proposition 32

Richmond union representatives are speaking out against Proposition 32, a state ballot measure that seeks to eliminate corporate and union influence in local as well as statewide elections.

Oysters in for a comeback at Point Pinole

Olympia oysters, whose slender, two-inch shells can be found in historic Native American sites across the Bay Area, are believed to thrive in the shallow water below the tide. But more than a century after nearly disappearing, the Olys could make a comeback at Point Pinole.

City Council Election 2012: Mike Raccoon Eyes Kinney

Armed with a Ziploc bag full of bookmarks and a compliment, Mike (Ali) Raccoon Eyes Kinney moves quickly from house to house “slinging paper.” As an experienced precinct walker, he gives himself 15 seconds to assess each porch before he decides whether to deliver the thin strip of paper emblazoned with a “WE LIKE MIKE!” slogan, his picture and the words “Candidate for Richmond City Council 2012.” If the doorstep is too cluttered, he won’t go near. There might be…

The Flotsam Flotilla in 15 photos

Before the frenzy of volunteers descended on Shimada Friendship Park for the 28th annual Coastal Cleanup Day, a dozen volunteers arose early Saturday morning for a special task.   This “chosen few” — as one project organizer jokingly called them — made up this year’s Flotsam Flotilla, a small cluster of kayaks that set out to clean up a stretch of the Richmond Shoreline only accessible by boat. The Richmond-based Watershed Project, which organized the flotilla, borrowed boats from the REI…

Baxter Creek again listed among Bay’s dirtiest waterways

The bushes rustle as Herb Warren emerges toting a trash picker and plastic bucket. The 65-year-old retiree ambles through the plants, snatching up the pieces of littered plastic, food wrappers and bottles along the stretch of Baxter Creek running through Booker T. Anderson Park.