Trenise Ferreira

City car use comes under fire, officials look to end program

Some Richmond City Council members cast a skeptical eye Tuesday on the practice of supplying city vehicles for the use of certain employees. Currently 10 Richmond management employees have city-issued vehicles. Together they have logged an average of 14,188 miles per month during the 2012-2013 fiscal year, Richmond City Manager Bill Lindsay said. Employees commuting between home and work account for about 11,567 of those miles. All 10 of the employees live outside of Richmond, and the longest one-way commute…

Point Molate Beach Park reopens to fanfare

Point Molate Beach Park reopens more than a decade after budgetary woes forced city officials to close its gates. The city spent $115,000 on minor improvements to the park to meet public safety and ADA requirements.

City Council considers Richmond sewage treatment options

Over a year ago, the Richmond City Council instructed city staff to study the feasibility of sending wastewater flows to East Bay Municipal Utility District’s plant and shutting down Richmond’s facility at 601 Canal Blvd. The staff presented a list of options to the City Council Tuesday night

Affordable housing proposed for vacant lots in North Richmond

North Richmond based Community Housing Development Corporation is behind the $22 million development that will cater to low-income families. The project is being funded through a mix of private, state and local government monies. The Richmond Planning Commission recently approved a rezoning request, which needs final approval from the council, but is not on the upcoming agenda.

Richmond seeks to regulate cash-for-gold businesses

Cash-for-gold businesses may soon see tougher rules as Richmond officials mull over a proposal that would give them more authority to regulate the dealers.    City planners are drafting an ordinance amendment to establish new zoning regulations for the specialty businesses that offer customers cash in exchange for selling their gold. Once complete, the Planning Commission and City Council will decide whether to approve the zoning amendments.  The updated zoning rules come after a 45-day moratorium the city council passed…