Teenage brother, sister dead after shooting spree

A pair of teenage siblings were shot to death Thursday night outside a residence on McGlothen Way in the northern part of Richmond.

According to a spokesperson from the Richmond Police Department, two unknown people walked up to a group of people who were talking and opened fire. “It looks like they were just firing into the group that was standing outside,” said Lieutenant Bisa French

Airian Holly, 16, and his sister, Mercedes Williams, 19, were pronounced dead at the crime scene. French said that no other injuries were reported.

Dispatch notified police of the shootings at 9:45 p.m. The police department’s ShotSpotter system, which alerts police to the sound of gunfire, is not set up in that neighborhood, French said.

French said that police believe the shooters left in a dark blue vehicle. But police don’t have much else in the way of description because it was dark outside, French said.

French said that it’s possible these two homicides are linked to other recent shootings that have occurred throughout Richmond in recent weeks. But French could not confirm whether the incidents are related because it is too early in the investigation.

Holly and Williams are Richmond’s sixth and seventh homicides this year.


  1. Lyric Stafford

    R.I.P, my bestfriend & childhood crush, Cede Pooh. I love and miss you dearly.
    & R.I.P Airian, i kicked it witchu twice, you were a kind soul as well.

  2. Chester

    Yeah man, it’s terrible. Seems like people in Parchester village know who did it, its the time for people in that community to do something and get the few problems out of the area.

  3. miles walton

    R.i.p. mercedes man i love you to death n its too hard to beleive u gone we was jus post to kick i remember back in school all the fun times we had

  4. jones alana

    Crazy, folks are gone completely crazy!. Sick, sick, sick? Ignorant, murders among us.You will answer on judgment day to the Lord God himself all of you deamons!

  5. Tracy

    I am traumitized forever I beleive. Certain rings from a phone are so alarming to me because so many times I have answered the rings and death was on the other side, then I had to see my family lying in their own pool of blood, spilled on the Richmond’s streets.To the family, no words only a moment of silence and two candles burning in my home from a friend, someone who knows your endless pain and your nightmare real. May you all be lifted in the end. Much Love to you!!!!

  6. india

    rip buddah n cedes, ijust cant believe this, wish some love to my folks….. im here 4 u tay, kat n d……..:(

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