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Richmond Residents asking school board to stop sale of Adams Middle School to Caliber Schools. Photo by Juan Reardon

District won’t sell Richmond middle school to charter organization

The Board of Education of the West Contra Costa Unified School District has stopped the sale of Adams Middle School to Caliber Schools for $60,000.
Steve Han, the owner of Omni Movement, moved to the Bay Area two years ago to open his training gym, the first of its kind in Richmond. (Photo by Brittany Kirstin)

Locally Richmond: Omni Movement

Omni Movement is a mixed martial arts and athletic training facility in Point Richmond. The center, which has been unofficially open since this summer, offers an open gym, and training in Thai kickboxing, dynamic stretch,...
A pamphlet with the main ideas that support district elections is being circulated through the community to help voters understand the ideas behind the proposal. (Photo by Robin Simmonds)

District elections proposal heads to city, aims to give neighborhoods a voice

A push to change the way City Council members are elected appears to have resurfaced in Richmond. If successful, the initiative would draw six new districts in the city, each with an elected representative.
The Hotel Carquinez visible  on the street across from Macy's, once also known as the Hotel Don, served in the mid-1920s as the main meeting chambers for all sorts of societies including the Chamber of Commerce. Photo courtesy of National Parks Service.

Historic buildings of Richmond forgotten but not gone

Standing at the intersection of Harbour Way and Nevin Avenue sits the famed New Hotel Carquinez. Most of the people passing through the ornate entryway these days are senior residents of the subsidized apartments inside....
Parents, students and teachers from Richmond-area charter schools want the mayor and other councilmembers to include charter school students in the Richmond Promise scholarship program.

Charter school community rallies for inclusion in scholarship program

Parents, students and teachers from Richmond-area charter schools rallied in front of Mayor Tom Butt's office on Wednesday demanding the mayor and other councilmembers extend eligibility for a $35 million college scholarship program to charter...