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A poster for Proposition 47 hangs in a window outside of the Contra Costa Interfaith Supporting Community Organization office in Richmond. (Photo by Shawn Baldwin)

Voters set to reduce numbers of criminals in California prisons

Proposition 47, also known as the “Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act,” would downgrade six felony crimes, drug possession, grand theft, shoplifting, check forgery, receiving stolen property and writing bad checks.
Although a senate bill allocated $3 million to Doctors Medical Center in San Pablo, its future is still uncertain. (Photo by Christopher Connelly)

Doctors Medical Center propped up by state funds, long-term still in doubt

A senate bill allocating $3 million to Doctor's Medical Center in San Pablo is intended to keep the hospital in operation but will likely not last beyond March, 2015. Uninsured and low-income patients may be...

Proposed charter school sparks heated debate

Summit Public Schools had their petition to open a new high school in El Cerrito denied by the West Contra Costa Unified School District - a decision which the Richmond City Council backed. The result:...
Deportation stats map

Contra Costa leads the Bay Area for Secure Community deportations

Contra Costa County has deported more people than any other county in the Bay Area through Secure Communities, a partnership between Immigration and Customs Enforcement and local law enforcement agencies, according to data ICE released...
Inmates at the West County Detention Facility

County Board of Supervisors approves $4 million to invest in jail alternatives

Step foot into the Reach Fellowship for Women in North Richmond, and Dr. Edwina Perez Santiago will greet you like an excited aunt hosting a holiday dinner party. “Come on in baby,” she says to...
LGBT youth support groups meet to create coalitions and increase communications with the Contra Costa County school systems.

Coalitions made for LGBT youth

A group of students, teachers, parents, and politicians gathered at Harding Elementary, Saturday as a first step to help communication efforts between the Contra Costa LGBTQ community support groups and the school systems. Participants said...
Contra Costa County officials commended each other for collaborating in the year since the state transferred responsibility of low-level felons to county jurisdiction. Photo by Julie Brown

Still Talking: County officials commend collaboration, need realignment budget

One year has passed since California transferred responsibility for low-level felons to its counties, and Contra Costa officials have yet to pass a budget for the $19 million the county received in July to handle...
Smoke lingered above Richmond after a Chevron refinery fire on Aug. 6th. photo by: Tawanda Kanhema

County seeks tighter safety measures in wake of new findings

As Richmond  Fire Department and Chevron firefighters complete joint search-and-rescue training operations at the Chevron refinery this week — a sign of cooperation between the two agencies at a time when residents and regulators are...
San Leandro-based Aztec dance group Eztli Chicahua performs

Richmond hears El Grito de Dolores loud and clear

The Mexican flag, carried carefully without touching the floor, dwarfed Marco Negrete, a diplomatic attaché from the Mexican Consulate General in San Francisco, as he carried it onto the stage in Richmond’s Restaurante la Revolución....
Contra Costa County Courthouse

New court budget could eliminate Richmond truancy program

A budget that the Contra Costa Superior Court will consider adopting Friday would close six courtrooms, including the Juvenile Law Courtroom in Richmond. For the 2012-2013 fiscal year, more than $7 million is estimated to...