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Volunteers with the non-profit Grid Alternatives install solar panels on a house in Atchison village, Richmond, in early March 2015

With increased demand for solar power, green job opportunities return

It is just shortly after noon on a Saturday, and the sun stands high over the historic Atchison Village in Richmond. Not a single cloud is in the sky. In its northwestern corner, a small...
summit sign

Richmond hosts annual summit for children and youth

Contra Costa County child advocates, teachers, nonprofit groups, medical professionals and community members gathered at the Richmond Civic Center Auditorium on Wednesday and Thursday to talk about the status of children’s health at the state...
Doctors shows people a picture of EKG printouts of a heart attack.

On Valentine’s Day, health professionals at Doctors give advice on heart care

On Valentine’s Day, health professionals at Doctor’s Medical Center focused on the most important organ of the day—the heart—by presenting several free sessions to an audience on how to better care for their own. Doctors...