Around the Way: I want more moles

A new Mexican restaurant opened in El Cerrito, serves unique homestyle entrees.

Lito Saldana started cooking when he came to the U.S. in 1989. Inspired by his mom and grandma’s recipes, he created his own home-style entrees and opened his first restaurant in 2005. The third restaurant, Los Moles and Beer Garden, opened in El Cerrito this September.

True to its name, Los Moles specializes in eight types of moles. Flavors range from traditional spicy to an innovative mango variety. Each mole may contain more than 15 ingredients.

“All ingredients are natural,” said Saldana. “Everything is organic and made in-house, including hand-made tortillas.”

However, this is not the type of restaurant that provides every dish seen in Mexico.

“We are very unique on creating recipes,” Saldana said.

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