Water taxi from Richmond to San Francisco launches today

Marine Group launches its Richmond to San Francisco service

Tideline Marine Group launched a new Richmond-to-San Francisco water taxi today. The commuter service will run Mondays through Fridays on three vessels that will transport passengers between Marina Bay and San Francisco’s Pier 1.5.

“San Francisco Bay historically was all about boats—it was all about clipper ships, transportation, bringing goods and services into the bay area,” said Tideline Marine Group president Nathan Nayman.

“With the advent of the car, bridges and BART, we lost our focus on the bay,” he said. “We believe [we need] to have a compliment of all sorts of waterborne vessels throughout the bay.”

For more information, visit Tideline’s website, https://tidelinetickets.com.

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  1. Chris Ehlers-Hardie

    Cool Can’t wait to take a tour

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