Elm Avenue, a street for kids to play

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Pogo Park, a local non-profit that creates children’s parks and recreation spaces in Richmond is turning Elm Avenue into a temporary car-free zone.

The purpose of the project, said Pogo Park executive director Toody Maher, is to help residents “reclaim the streets of Richmond” by providing cans of spray paint to local children and encouraging them to join in painting the streets. Wednesday was the launch event and they hope to make Elm Avenue car-free and open for children and adults to walk and play every Friday and Saturday going forward.

“The idea with Pogo Parks is that the people of Richmond are involved, they have a connection with the place,” said Maher.

Pogo Park started with its first park in Richmond in 2008, hiring local residents, professionals and non-professionals to help build structures they like.

The non-profit is opening its second project, a playground by the Greenway trail and Harbor on Nov. 7. It’s also organizing a live preview of the “Yellow Brick Road” project on Oct. 17 and Oct. 18. That project’s goal is to improve the streets around Elm Playlot to encourage pedestrians and bikes and discourage cars.

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