Pow-wow brings dance and culture to Richmond

Nicholl Park was blessed in prayer and dance Saturday afternoon as Native American Indians respresenting over 50 tribes from as far away as South Dakota, New Mexico, Long Beach, Calif., and Sacramento travelled to Richmond to participate in its 2nd Annual Native American Pow-Wow.

Courtney Cummings, the event organizer, said the pow-wow was an effort to continue and share Native American Indian cultures with the public. Over 500 people attended the festivities, more than double the attendance from last year, she said.

Residents sat in lawn chairs and made a big circle while watching the arena be blessed with sage. They munched on Indian tacos made with fry bread and watched colorful dancers enter the area from the east cardinal direction. There was a princess contest, drum performances, and raffle drawings for an Indian blanket, hand drum, beaded jewelry and Oakland A’s baseball tickets.

“This is true Native American culture, music, song and dance that is different from the Hollywood stereotypes that a person is normally used to,” said Cummings.

For more information on how to get involved with Richmond’s Native American Community email Courtney Cummings at ccummings1102@yahoo.com






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