Harris, a self-made entrepreneur for council

Rhonda Harris says she must be doing something right, judging by the negative robo-calls and mailers she's encountered. (Photo by Ashley Hopkinson)

Rhonda Harris says she must be doing something right, judging by the negative robo-calls and mailers she's encountered. (Photo by Ashley Hopkinson)

Rhonda Harris says all the right things. Her wardrobe is sharp. But don’t dismiss her as style over substance. Harris, 52, says she has been driven to make a difference since she first came to Richmond in the 1970s.

“Let me take you back. When I moved to South Third Street, there was flowers, trees. There was families. We were a community,” Harris said in a low, raspy voice.

“And soon, before my eyes, I witnessed my neighborhood fall, due to drugs.”

She tapped her tall brown boots on the floor of her campaign office and continued.

“I was coming home and seeing drug dealers on the corner. I saw abandoned homes. And because it was next door, down the street, around the corner, I felt real obligated to help,” she said. “This was in the ‘90s.”

Harris says she started buying abandoned houses that dealers were using to shoot up and sell drugs. Harris renovated the houses and rented them to low-income families or organizations that served a community need, such as child care.

What happened next is a story her supporters recount often.

“She even stood up to the drug dealers and they firebombed her car,” campaign manager McKinley Ross, Jr. said.

Harris has been vice president of the Richmond NAACP, and vice president of the Richmond Neighborhood Coordinating Council. She is the founder and president of the Contractors Alliance of Richmond and the co-founder of the Community-Based Employment Collaborative (CBEC).

Harris says if elected she would require contractors to hire workers from the community where the construction is happening.

She supports the casino development at Point Molate, saying that it promises jobs.

Rhonda Harris sits at her desk which is cluttered with papers, donation envelopes, and the remains of a tuna sandwich.

Harris’s critics claim she aims to represent too small of a constituency.

“Rhonda is a likable person,” said Andres Soto, a planning commissioner. “Her activities seem to be mainly based in the African-American community.”

“She’s pro-developer at any cost,” Soto added.

A recent mailer funded by California Grand Casino, Oaks Card Club and Napa Valley Casino alleged that Harris used her personal influence to gain a “sweetheart deal” on an apartment building her company bought from the city.

Harris insists that she will always keep jobs and the community first if elected and denies using her influence to get any sweetheart deals from the city. She says she has won all contracts fairly.

“I would never compromise my character and integrity,” she said. “I’m Rhonda and that’s my lifestyle, whether I’m a mother, businesswoman or on city council.”


  1. Concerned Voter

    I really doubt that Rhonda Harris has any “character or integrity” to compromise. She cost the City over $500,000 extra to move the Police HQ to the DiCon Building. Ask Harris how much her mentor Rubecon General Contracting in San Francisco paid her for questionable services. Ask her how much she, her now campaign manager, and his brother Marvin personally profited from the $25,000 grant from the State Employment Development Division to provide sham contracting classes. Ask her about Eric Morris’s revoked contracting license, his being used as a sub-contractor by Harris’s H&H Builders, and being listed in her Contractors’ Alliance of Richmond application to the State EDD. Another member of the Alliance listed on the EDD application is Oakland resident Kelvin Potts who has practiced surveying without a license. There are a lot of unanswered questions about Rhonda Harris and if I were you the voter, I would not vote for her without a good clear answer. Meanwhile, the relevant documents will be posted to the internet archive http://www.archive.com

  2. Concerned Voter

    see –
    http://www.archive.org/details/ContractorsAllianceOfRichmondEddAgreementEt09-0338 – EDD Agreement for $28,320

    http://www.archive.org/details/ContractorsAllianceOfRichmondTrainingProposalToEdd – Proposal to EDD for $75,000

    Why did State EDD pay Ms Harris to do this when City Employment & Training Department had contracted to perform similar work? See Page 35 of the proposal to learn that close Harris associate Eric D Morris’s contracting license was suspended by the Contractors’ State License Board.

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