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Sometimes, you’re just not going to click on words. As surprised as I am that you aren’t always clicking on our scintillating headlines (what, you weren’t driven into a frenzy by “Health care reform, and what it means for you“?), we get it. So, here’s a look back at the last few weeks in Richmond through some of our photos. Click on the pictures to go to the original story. We’ll be making this a regular weekly feature, so check back.

At Richmond’s Laotian temple

One of the only hints that Wat Lao Rattanaram was once a church shines through the stained-glass window on the southern wall of the building. (Photo by Mark Oltmanns)

Kayaking to collect a ton of trash

The Flotsam Flotilla sets off to grab garbage during the 26th Annual California Coastal Cleanup. Volunteers picked up over a ton of trash in one day. (Photo by Christopher Connelly)

Community Policing in the North and East

The neighborhood patrol cuts through an alley near the end of their weekly walk around the streets of North and East. (Photo by Emily Bender)

Meet Rosie the Riveter

At the Home Front Festival, the Rosie the Riveters that worked in the Kaiser Shipyards came together to commemorate the experience. (Photo by Becca Friedman)

My coach is going to kill me if I don’t get that ball

In the fourth quarter with 38 seconds remaining, Oiler’s No. 10 Isaiah Brown scores his second touchdown concluding the game at 46:19. (Photo by Hyunjin Seo)

And this is how they stunt

The Kennedy High School cheerleaders make “stunting” look easy, but the coach says it requires lots of strength. The team of 17 is made up of mostly newcomers, since last year’s squad had only five members by the end of the season. (Photo by Tyler Orsburn)

It’s showtime

Shawn Creighton, who plays Martha Mitchell, gets ready before the musical, RIVETS. The show offers people a chance to see what wartime life was like for several Rosie the Riveters in the Kaiser shipyards. (Photo by Tyler Orsburn)

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