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Hall of Fame baseball player and diabetic, Lou Brock, talks diabetes management at Doctors Medical Center.

Baseball great Lou Brock leads Diabetes Day at Doctors Medical Center

“A plate of veggies was a plate of French fries with cheese all over them. Those days are gone,” he said. “Now, I eat broccoli.” -Lou Brock

Berkeley to vote on soda tax, looks to Richmond’s Measure N defeat for lessons

Two years after Richmond voters overwhelmingly rejected a soda tax, health advocates in Berkeley and San Francisco are drawing lessons from Richmond’s Measure N defeat to try to pass similar taxes on sugary drinks on...

Richmond’s sugar-sweetened beverage town hall draws tears, personal testimonies

Families from Richmond’s African American community testified Monday night to the fight against the health effects of poor diets at a town hall meeting to discuss the city’s proposed tax on sugar sweetened beverages. The...
Measure N

Richmond residents say goodbye to soda at Measure N campaign event

A frozen bottle of Coca Cola rolled, fizzed and melted as it lay cold in a miniature casket mounted on a table at the corner of Richmond’s Macdonald Avenue and 37th Street.
Picture of a apple juice bottle, Mountain Dew bottle and a Sunkist bottle labelled with the amount of sugar each drink contains.

Cut down on salt, sugar and fat

Drinking juice sounds healthy. But even a small bottle of apple juice can contain 10 teaspoons of sugar, a nutritionist told seniors at the Healthy Eating Event at the Richmond Auditorium Wednesday morning. About 50...

Apple cake with maple-walnut cream cheese frosting

Time consuming, but a fabulous dessert, worthy of your most elegant dinner parties. Ingredients: Cake: 1 lb. Pippin Apples (about 2 medium) peeled, cored, diced ¼ cup water 2 ½ cup plus 1 Tbsp all-purpose...