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John Fassell with the California Department of Public Health points to an area on an aerial photograph of the southeast Richmond shoreline where confirmed radioactive material was found during a meeting of the Richmond Southeast Shoreline Area Community Advisory Group. (Photo by: Kevin N. Hume)

State officials confirm radioactive material present at Richmond southeast shore site

The Richmond Southeast Shoreline Community Advisory Group alleges radioactive material found by state officials on Richmond's shoreline was illegally dumped by a chemical company in the sixties.
Richmond toxic map2

Richmond’s Toxics

Decades of industrial pollution have left toxic contaminants in Richmond's air, water, and soil. Click on the icons to learn more.
Sherry Padgett near Zeneca site

One woman’s quest to clean up 100 years of chemical waste

The site of a former Stauffer Chemical Co. plant in Richmond is still contaminated with a huge amount of toxic waste. Sherry Padgett, whose office is across the street, has spent the last decade trying...
Sherry Padgett looks out onto the former site of Stauffer Chemical Company. Padgett has become the de facto activist leader of a years-long fight to clean up hundreds of thousands of cubic yards of toxic waste at the site. Photo by Ian A. Stewart.

Years later, chemical company lot still a toxic stew

The site of the former Stauffer Chemical Company has been closed more than 10 years, but it's still a hot topic for people working around the shoreline, who want answers about why toxic waste there...