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North Richmond’s struggle to decide who will lead

North Richmond is no stranger to conflict, but this is a strange conflict for North Richmond. The small community, which straddles the boundary separating the city of Richmond and unincorporated Contra Costa County, has become...
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Part 8: North Richmond, where the city’s boundaries end

Civic leaders who seriously grapple with the question of how North Richmond can break its ruinous cycle of crime, poverty and decline often come to the conclusion that its current political arrangement is untenable -...
dumping in north richmond

Part 7: North Richmond’s troubled environmental history

From the corner of Filbert Street and Chesley Avenue, the unofficial center of North Richmond, a person gets the full sensory onslaught that the community has endured for decades.

Richmond grapples with budget, political boundaries

A divided council on Tuesday weighed in on several issues, including increasing funding to local housing programs and projects and proposed Congressional reapportionment that would move Richmond into the same district as Berkeley and Oakland.
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North Richmond activists rally outside county office

About 20 people gathered in front of the El Cerrito offices of Contra Costa County Supervisor John Gioia late Friday to protest a transfer of funds away from an urban ecology program.