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The 3,700 residents of North Richmond (highlighted) could join the city of Richmond at large. Image generated by Google Maps.

Should city incorporate North Richmond? Residents divided on eve of official decision.

The unincorporated area of North Richmond, long a controversial issue for the city, is up for a vote on being officially made part of the city on Tuesday. Residents of the area are divided, some...
Measure N

Richmond residents say goodbye to soda at Measure N campaign event

A frozen bottle of Coca Cola rolled, fizzed and melted as it lay cold in a miniature casket mounted on a table at the corner of Richmond’s Macdonald Avenue and 37th Street.

“Ban the box” resolution passes, fracas erupts at City Council meeting

The City Council voted Tuesday to remove a question about criminal convictions from city employment applications, saying the yes/no “box” was an onerous requirement for ex-convicts. Question 14, displayed prominently on the first page of...